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Microcheck Custom Media Ltd. has a GAMMA CLEAN Division that supplies Sterile Clean room products that help reduce the risk of contamination in your cleanroom environments. The sterile mop heads are accompanied with a Certificate of Sterility.

Sterile Mop Heads are packaged and ready to introduce into your critical cleanroom environment. The 10 inch sterile mop heads may also be used in conjunction with the single use sterile mop bucket that we supply with water for disinfection. 

  • Sterile Double Bagged 10" and 14" polyurethane mop head
  • High absorbency
  • Validated sterile (SAL 10-6) by gamma irradiation
  • Excellent chemical compatibility with cleaning and disinfecting agents
  • Lot specific Certificate of Sterilization


Cat. #Description
GC0812M 10" Sterile Mop Head, Galvanized Channel
GC0812M-S  10" Sterile Mop Head, Stainless Steel Channel
GC0814M 14" Sterile Mop Head, Galvanized Channel
GC0814M 14" Sterile Mop Head, Stainless Steel Channel